Alfajores Havanna – Where to buy them?

First, some history about Havanna Alfajores

The Havanna Alfajores factory was founded in 1948 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Demetrio Eliades, Benjamin Sisterna and Luis Sbaraglini, and has become the most renowned both in its home country and abroad, thanks to the quality and excellent acceptance of its products worldwide.

Today, this leading company produces 100 million alfajores a year, as well as other products which are largely consumed in Argentina, but also reach other countries not only through exports, but also in the hands of tourists who visit the country and feel the desire to bring these treats as a gift for their family and friends (or for themselves, why not).

Havanna Alfajor

Alfajores Havanna Online – Our mission

Until now there was no site to buy Havanna Alfajores online easily, and ours is the first option that sends them straight from the source. Our mission is to give you the opportunity to enjoy the alfajores as well as the rest of the delicacies that the brand makes to anyone who wants to try them, or to the lucky ones that already did and wouldn’t like to miss their flavor.

Havanna Alfajores

How do I buy Havanna Alfajores online?

Choose your favorite Havanna Alfajores by clicking Products, add the products you wish to the Shopping Cart and go to Checkout to complete your details and make the payment. You can also ask for your desired product through the Contact Us option. We guarantee you will receive fresh Havanna products that meet international quality standards, carefully packed in thermal containers for optimal preservation during transit.

We are at your disposal for any inquiry or order of Havanna Alfajores.

Thank you for visiting Alfajores Havanna Online!

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